Wood of the Month !

Sugi Pine

"Cryptomeria japonica"

This aromatic evergreen is a member of the redwoodfamily and grows in Hawaii to around 80 feet in heigth and 1 1/2 feet indiameter. Frequently called "Japanese cedar," Sugi is the nationaltree of Japan used in decorative oranamentals and found around the sacredtemples. The wood is a soft, lightweight wood that is easily worked anddurable. The sapwood is white to yellowish, and the heartwood reddish brown.Because of its aroma, Sugi is frequently used in jewelry boxes, drawersand other furniture pieces.

Sugi Pine is stocked in 4/4 thickness and normallyretails for $4.25 aboard foot, but during our Wood of the Month special is now... $3.40 a board foot.

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